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Mookaite Tower

Mookaite Tower

SKU: crys5

Introducing our Mookaite Natural Stone – a captivating gem that seamlessly blends earthy tones into a tapestry of natural beauty. Sourced from the heart of the Earth, this stone showcases a stunning array of warm reds, ochres, and purples, creating a unique and vibrant palette.


Mookaite is not merely a decorative piece; it's a reflection of the landscapes that have shaped it. With its grounding energy and kaleidoscope of colors, this natural stone adds a touch of warmth and connection to any space.


Each handpicked piece highlights the stone's inherent patterns, ensuring a distinctive and individualized touch to your collection. Whether incorporated into your home decor or shared as a thoughtful gift, Mookaite embodies the essence of nature's artistry. Its rich colors and dynamic patterns make it a versatile addition to various aesthetics, bringing a touch of the wild into both modern and traditional settings.


Embrace the harmonious beauty of Mookaite and let its presence inspire a sense of connection to the Earth. Elevate your space with this exceptional natural stone – a true testament to the diverse and captivating wonders found within the heart of our planet.


Option A: 174g 10.4cm

Option B: 121g 8.5cm

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