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Kiwi Jasper Crystal Tower. Crystal Obelisk.  Natural Stone

Kiwi Jasper Crystal Tower. Crystal Obelisk. Natural Stone

SKU: crystal86

1 x Kiwi Jasper Crystal Tower.


Measurements: Width 1.5cm, Height 5.9cm , Depth 1.3cm, Weight 17g


Kiwi Jasper

Brings Tranquillity, Aids in Releasing Addictions and Compulsions and Enhances Emotional Strength


The nurturing effect of Kiwi Jasper makes it great for stressful times inducing a feeling of tranquillity, peacefulness, and relaxation. It brings inner harmony and balance by attuning the body to Earth’s vibration resulting in an elevated and more stabilized mental state. This enhances emotional strength to prepare you in facing reality, including letting go of things that no longer serve you specifically addictions and compulsive behaviours. The effects of this stone makes it powerful to be used by people that constantly have to give their energy while keeping their heart open like healers, counsellors, or therapists.



The information contained above is metaphysical in nature. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment


Please note due to this being a natural stone there may be natural imperfections to the stone.

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